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Solarspot LED for the built environment

Solarspot LED is the ultimate energy efficient light solution for commercial, educational and internal public spaces

Solarspot animated LEDSolarspot LED for the built environment – Combining the world’s most efficient light tube system with fully responsive variable LED, it is now possible to set and maintain minimum desired light levels, regardless of the time of day or exterior light conditions.

Whilst there are major advantages in providing natural light in internal spaces; for improved concentration, true colour rendition and our overall sense of well-being, the levels are unreliable and can vary greatly throughout the course of the day, eventually going altogether at night.

Solarspot LED allows for a minimum level of light to be set by the building control system. If the external light level drops at any time so the light delivered to the internal area falls below the set level, dimmable LEDs located around the diffuser are activated to make up for the deficit. The system is fully controllable so areas that require lower light levels, such as corridors, can be set differently to areas that require higher levels like offices.

Occupants of these areas are able to carry on with their day-to-day activities whilst benefitting from the advantages of natural light whilst the system allows for maximum energy-efficiency, only supplementing with artificial when required.

Solarspot D-25 LED
  • Diameter of daylight tube – 250mm
  • Maximum lumen – 6800
  • Average yearly lumen – 960
  • Maximum LED output – 1000 lm
Solarspot D-38 LED
  • Diameter of daylight tube – 380mm
  • Maximum lumen – 11500
  • Average yearly lumen – 2190
  • Maximum LED output – 2200 lm
Solarspot D-53 LED
  • Diameter of daylight tube – 530mm
  • Maximum lumen – 19500
  • Average yearly lumen – 4730
  • Maximum LED output – 5000 lm
Solarspot D-65 LED
  • Diameter of daylight tube – 650mm
  • Maximum lumen – 28000
  • Average yearly lumen – 7840
  • Maximum LED output – 7500 lm
Solarspot D-90 LED
  • Diameter of daylight tube – 900mm
  • Maximum lumen – 42000
  • Average yearly lumen – 17200
  • Maximum LED output – 14000 lm

All day long, all year long

For most offices, schools, public areas like libraries etc, that are only occupied during the day, there will be times of the year when there is sufficient daylight available to provide all of the buildings lighting requirements, with the LED system activated only occasionally.

During winter months, even on days when the exterior light source is not enough to provide the minimum levels, and the LED system is providing the majority of the light, the buildings occupants are still able to benefit from the fluctuations in light-levels that help reduce tired eyes and improve concentration and productivity.

Solarspot LED for the built environment is available throughout the Solarspot range and can be specified in round and square ceiling options.

Solarspot LED for the built environment
Solarspot LED for the built environment

Solarspot – the world's brightest sun pipe

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