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Brilliant news for bungalow owners

If you live in a bungalow but you’re unhappy about the amount of natural light that you get in your hallway, kitchen, living room, bathroom then you’re not alone. Due to the nature of bungalows they tend to be dark due to the limitations of the design. But don’t let this make you gloomy as the solution is usually straightforward and done inside a day.

With a Solarspot tubular daylight system (also known a solar tube or sun tunnel) virtually any bungalow can be transformed with no need for structural alterations or redecoration. A clever lens system, located in a weather-proof dome is mounted on your roof to capture and direct daylight down through your roof and into the room below. And it does this without transferring heat or letting in cold and the whole unit is maintenance free.

We had a D-25 fitted in our bathroom, and we are more than pleased. It was everything they said it would be, a great product at a reasonable price, would recommend it to anyone.
Bob and Ann

Find out more about how a Solarspot works and what makes it the best in the world.

The Solarspot D-25 system is so efficient that a tube only 250mm (10 inches) in diameter can light an area to around 12 – 14 square metres, which is perfect for smaller kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, en suites etc. For larger rooms, a Solarspot D-38 is capable of lighting areas up to around 22-24 square metres, ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, studies and workshops. In fact, the Solarspot is so efficient that it delivers around 70% more light than the next best system and up to 20 times more light than ‘builders merchant’ units. See our residential price list. Fitting is usually £299.00 for a single unit.


Read the independent test summary.

Read BRE Test Summary

Here are some typical examples of bungalows that have be transformed with Solarspot daylight systems.

Dark bungalow hallway? Problem solved.

By definition, most bungalows suffer from dark hallways as they are located in the middle of the building with only a glazed door to let in natural light.

Gloomy north-facing bungalow kitchen? Problem solved.

Do you find that even on the brightest days you’re sitting in your kitchen and you still need the electric lights on.

Solarspot D-38 before and after photo of kitchen in Somerset

Dark internal bathroom or en suite? Problem solved.

Is your bathroom or en suite more like a cupboard rather than a room to relax?

See the difference a light tunnel can make in an internal bathroom

Dark living room after adding a conservatory? Problem solved.

A conservatory can be a wonderful addition to your home but what the salesman wouldn’t tell you is how dark it will make the room that it’s attached to.

Light pipes are the perfect way to get daylight into your bungalow living room

Extension taking light from your dining room? Problem solved.

An extension can transform your home giving you much needed extra space but you can also find that the original rooms in your home are left in the dark.

How to brighten up your dark bungalow dining room

Solarspot – the world's brightest sun pipe

What our customer’s think.

Read Customer Reviews

Everyone at every stage at this company was excellent. The replies were prompt, honest and courteous.

The fitter was skilful and neat. The product is fantastic. I had it fitted in November. On a sunny winters day it fills the hall and landing with light and even on a dull day there is a remarkable amount of light that gets through. Also the amount I paid was more than two hundred pound less than a quote for a Velux type sun tunnel.
Peter G

Frequently Asked Questions

Solarspot measure extension distanceThe price of a Solarspot solar tube system is determined by the length of the tube required, which is basically the distance through your loft. For most situations an average installation length is normally around 1.5m to 2.0m so we’ve listed some typical prices below.

D-25 (250mm diameter unit) for corridors, bathrooms, smaller rooms up to 12 sqm

1.2m – £388.80
1.5m – £420.00
1.8m – £446.40
2.0m – £477.60

D-38 (380mm diameter unit) for kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, larger rooms to 22 sqm

1.2m – £456.00
1.5m – £499.00
1.8m – £528.00
2.0m – £571.20

Prices include VAT but not fitting.

See our residential price list.

Fitting prices are subject to checking for roof-type, access etc but normally £299.00 for a single unit. Please call for information.

Systems are maintenance free and guaranteed for 10 years.

From Dover to Exeter, Bristol to Bromley we cover most of the south of England. All of our registered fitters are fully experienced installers of the Solarspot system and will do the work for you inside a day. In the majority of cases no structural work is required and there’s no need for redecoration.

A single unit normally costs £299.00 to install and two units from £399.00. Prices include VAT where applicable.

In most cases we confirm the feasibility of an installation and give you a price with a phone call or via an email conversation without needing to survey your home. We should be able to take a look at your bungalow on Google Earth and Street View to gain the information that we need to give you a guide price there and then.

If you’d like to find out more you can call us on 01908 299117 for a no-obligation chat or email daylight@solarspot.co.uk with a brief description of what you’d like to do and we’ll get straight back to you.

You can find out what our customers think by visiting our TrustPilot page to read their independent feedback.

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